Laura Bradshaw Braun

Profile Updated: June 14, 2014
Residing In: Hurst, TX USA
Profession: Computer Sys Coordinator-Medical Office, Retired
Spouse/Partner: Heinrich Wilhelm Braun (...we just call him Willi)
Children: Angie, born 1975 (BBA and M.Ed. in Counseling) and her husband Tim (BSc from Miami, OH, and J.D. from More…Univ of Notre Dame)
How I prefer to spend my time:

Spend much time in Dallas with my daughter, & lots of time w my grandkids ~ it's true, grandparenting is great!!
Still enjoy great music from Classical to R&B, Rock, Accoustic guitar etc, love to dance, & well, my husband being born in Germany & having lived in Munich myself, I've acquired a taste for (occasional) German rock & folk music, enjoy going to Germanfests here in USA. Enjoy old & new movies, & reading poetry & other writings from the obvious wisdom found in the distant past.


Sofie(b:2007) & Elyse(b:2010) & Benjamin(b:2012)



Which Elementary School(s) did you attend?

Bluebonnet Grade 3, Alice E Carlson Grades 4-6

Which Junior High School(s) did you attend?


Did you go to Pre-school, Dance, Music, Art, Theatre, Sports or other activities?

Ballet & Piano Lessons

Did you have a summer job or volunteer while at Paschal?


What might we never guess about you?

Things I've learned, that most of us have surely learned by now ~
Life is bittersweet. Great joy ~ tempered with some loss & sorrow.
Always recall with a warm smile the joys, memories & loves of your past, and fully enjoy & take care of who - & what you already have in your life NOW ~ no one is promised another tomorrow. And somehow, knowing that hard (& bitter) truth, makes the sweet ~even sweeter!

Favorite Movies:

A Christmas Carol (Alastair Sim's version) or It's a Wonderful Life

Favorite Music:

Rock, R & B, some Classical, Progressive Country, some 40's (Bennett/Sinatra etc)

Favorite Ice Cream:

Peppermint...Pistachio...Turtle Tracks

Favorite Destination(s):

Colorado & Munich, Germany

On my "Bucket List"...

Still haven't made it to Disneyland!

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Laura Bradshaw Braun has left an In Memory comment for Robert Irvin.
Aug 27, 2019 at 3:33 AM

I am very saddened to hear of Robert's passing.

Robert and I go back to the 6th grade at Alice E. Carlson, when we 'accidentally' ended up going steady for 2 weeks, each wearing the other's silver engraved disk on a chain.

... then our paths crossed again with the Dorothy Shaw Bell Choir in junior high at McLean..all members of the group shared a train trip to Colorado Springs.  (Google 'Dorothy Shaw Bell Choir' - there's a group picture of the very first Dorothy Shaw Bell Choir (from around 1964) on a page of their website, that includes Robert.)

Next time we met was at the PHS 20th Reunion, sharing a dance & chat.

The last time our paths crossed was at the PHS 60th Birthday Bash.  Pam Steinert had located our Alice E Carlson 6th grade class picture from Ms. Bean's class, made copies, & brought & shared with those interested.  She also brought copies of Ned James' (very impressively) handwritten (this was pre-computers of course!) 6th grade 'newspaper' - in which he highlighted the various talents of all his fellow classmates, featured a 'top music hits' of the day, & current events of the time, etc.   (Pam & I were featured at top of the sports list as distinquished four-square champions, along with others!)                                        Robert was a student crossing-guard, obvious from his cross-walk attire -complete with badge!  We all got a big kick out of seeing those memories again.

At the 60th bash, we reminisced about days long passed, and Robert & I made sure we got into the class group picture together.  I joked with Robert that we should break our current trend of only meeting up once every 20 yrs.  Robert, & my husband Willi & I spoke about meeting up again in the near future for cocktails or dinner, but we all got busy with our lives and never did. 

I wish I had seen him once again.  I'm sure we would have reminisced over sweet, innocent childhood years when all of our futures were yet unwritten.  He seemed to enjoy looking back at those times as much as I did. 

All that said; I think Robert accomplished what he set out to do in his life.  I recall (in Jr. High days) overhearing his mom telling another mom at a Bell Choir event, that 'Robert plans to be a doctor when he grows up'.  I'm glad he made the dreams of his youth- into his reality.  I imagine as a doctor, he made countless other's lives better, less painful, and more hopeful; and that Doctor Irvin - reflected the same qualities that he did as a man; quietly unique, smart, accomplished, innovative, kind, and caring. 

Robert, you will be missed.   My sincere condolences, prayers and thoughts go out to his family.  May you find comfort- and peace in your loving memories of Robert.   


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