Cathy Munson Ambrose

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Residing In: Tulsa, OK USA
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Profession: Art Teacher - so fun! I love it!
Spouse/Partner: Dub Ambrose!! Warren D Ambrose, III PHS '69!
Children: Dub and I have 4 great kids!!!
Bree ('79), Jeremy ('81), Chap ('84), and Delindy('86)
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7533 E 77 Ct
Tulsa, OK
We love Tulsa!


New Orleans, LA

How I prefer to spend my time:

Hi Panthers!
Dub and I are still having a great life together! He's my "One and Only One" and it is with him that I prefer to spend my time! Now we have almost 6 grandchildren and they run a close 2nd! If you are a grandparent, you know what I mean - and if you are not - hopefully the Lord will bless you soon! It's the best and that's why it's called "Grand!"


The light of our lives! Bella & Annabeth Ambrose and Laney & Landon Breig

Best PHS Memory, Teacher, Activity or Event:

A great and grateful memory....Cynthia and I going to the Broadway Baptist -after the Football game - Oct 3, 1968! It's where the sparks started flying b/w Dub and me!
And PSOP! The Backwards Dance! I took Norton!
Good times with good friends such as Debbie, Norton, Cynthia, Pam, Johanna, etc, etc!

Which Elementary School(s) did you attend?


Which Junior High School(s) did you attend?


Did you go to Pre-school, Dance, Music, Art, Theatre, Sports or other activities?


Did you go to Summer Camp?

El Tesoro!

What might we never guess about you?

My Mom at 90 is still doing great! she's still driving it, she's still teaching it, she's still preaching it! : ) She sends her love to all who remember her!

I love teaching art and art history at Regent (a Classical Christian School)!

I am so very grateful to the Lord for this great life that I don't deserve! I received the best gift in the world from best friend, my husband!

I love you all with the LOVE of Jesus.....unconditionally!!! no matter what, for all eternity! after all, "the Greatest of these is LOVE!" True love will never die!

Habits you might still have?

I'm still a Polyanna and a perpetual optimist!

Favorite Books:

The Words of Jesus

Favorite Movies:

Inn of the Sixth Sense - you should see it! Netflicks!

Favorite Music:

I'm everything I am - Because you love me!

Favorite Ice Cream:

Peppermint with hot fudge! Yum!

Favorite Destination(s):

Venice! Once with Mom -once with Dub and the kids!

Mendenhall Waterfall/Glacier, Alaska! with Dub and good friends!

Mumzie's Park!

On my "Bucket List"...

Have all my family in one place for at least an hour! - and not at my funeral...before it! Better yet - family gathering at a big log lodge where we can laugh, sing, play games and make banana boats by the campfire!

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Cathy Munson Ambrose has left an In Memory comment for Nancy Reid Lawson.
Nov 14, 2015 at 11:33 AM

Nancy also inspired me in our teen years... at PHS and Camp El Tesoro. I not only admired her talent and intellegence but also her sincerity and love for nature. She was unique and real..something we were all trying to figure out how to do at the time. Our freshman year at UT we were on the same floor at Jester. We were in and out of each others' rooms often and discused many topics. She explained to me what it meant to be a hippie....wanting  Love, Peace, and Harmony for the whole planet!  So I joined right in ..."No war, no makeup, no bra, no pretense, no nonsence!  She was a quite a gal! I imagine heaven with her fully enjoying freedom and intimacy with her creator and his creations!   -Cathy

Jan 13, 2015 at 3:33 AM
Jun 26, 2014 at 5:25 PM

Cherie, Thanks for not ripping open my blouse this time...thank the Lord you've matured! LOL!

Jun 26, 2014 at 5:23 PM

I'm still smiling! It was super! Thanks again to all who made it all possible!
I love this pic of Shirley!

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