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Noel Ice


Noel Ice


Noel Ice


Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Fort Worth, TX USA
Profession: Lawyer
Spouse/Partner: Lissa Prater
Children: Rachel, born 1977
Charlee, born 1981
Amanda, born 1983
"Name" I prefer to use now-a-days:

Noel C. Ice

email address:

Mailing Address:

Cantey Hanger Bldg
600 W. 6th St.; Ste. 300
Fort Worth, TX 76102-3685


San Diego, CA

How I prefer to spend my time:

Reading, listening to classical music and the Grateful Dead, camping, hiking, fishing, photography


Ash, Osric, Kasper and Ruby

Best PHS Memory, Teacher, Activity or Event:


Which Elementary School(s) did you attend?


Which Junior High School(s) did you attend?


Did you have a summer job or volunteer while at Paschal?

My brother and I always had a paper route. On weekends, it was easier just to stay up all night, since we had to start about 4:30 am.

What might we never guess about you?

That would be telling

Habits you might still have?

Obsessive (but not compulsive)

Favorite Books:

Infinite Jest
In Search of Lost Time
Light in August
Everything by Chas. Bukowski
Old Testament

Favorite Music:

Classical (Indian & Western), Grateful Dead

Favorite Ice Cream:

Butter Pecan

Favorite Destination(s):

San Francisco

On my "Bucket List"...

Visit Bhutan

How did you hear about our PHS'69 website?

Don't recall

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Senior Girls' Kidnap Breakfast at Kip's. I brought Noel's favorite: Coke and Chips Ahoy cookies!
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Senior Girls' Kidnap Breakfast!