In Memory

Lane Jernigan

Lane Jernigan
February 28, 1950- January 25, 2024

It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of Lane Jernigan.

Lane departed this world on January 25th and will be deeply missed by all who knew him.

To honor his life and legacy, a funeral service will be held on February 2nd at 10:00 am at Restland Funeral Home. We kindly invite all family and friends to join us in paying our respects and celebrating the life of Lane Jernigan.

Date:  February 2, 2024
Time: 10:00 am (9:30am, Viewing)
Place: Restland Funeral Home 13005 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX. 75243

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01/29/24 08:59 PM #1    

Rick Stone

Another Daggett Bulldog leaves this world.  I remember Lane as a gentle soul and never one to cause a problem or stir up touble like some of the rest of us who came to Paschal from east of 8th Avenue.  If I close my eyes I can still see you standing in the hall with your back against the wall and dressed exactly like Richard Dreyfuss would try to emulate in "American Graffiti"...A well spent youth and hopefully a complete and happy life afterwards, my friend.

01/30/24 10:41 AM #2    

Jayne Loader

I'm so sorry to hear about Lane. He was a glamorous figure when he arrived at Daggett in 1965, after being expelled from McLean and several other junior high schools. His father told him that if he got kicked out of Daggett, too, his next stop would be military school.   Lane didn't want to go to military school, so he managed to obey the rules long enough to graduate from Daggett in 1966 and then go on to Paschal.

Lane was the quintessential bad boy heart throb, like James Dean in "Rebel Without A Cause," but smart and funny, too. The first time he came to my house, he broke my mother's screen door swinging on it, then spritzed the corner stop sign with lighter fluid and set it on fire. My mother, always a sucker for bad boys, adored Lane ("That boy could charm the birds out of the trees!") though she thought he was dangerous, too--too mature and sophisticated for me.  She worried when he came to pick me up--because, when you were out with Lane, fun was going to be had!--as well she should have: when we were a couple of blocks away, out of her sight, Lane would stop Dr. Jernigan's big new car and let me drive. (I remember this car vividly--a Cadillac?  a Lincoln?--because it was the first automatic I had ever driven, the first car with push-button seats and windows--no cranks!) 
Lane had a great voice, perfect for radio, so it didn't surprise me when, years later, he became a  successful DJ. It was wonderful to reconnect with him on Facebook and see the happy life he made for himself.
Very funny that when Rick and I remembered Lane, we both thought of movie stars.  Whether you see him as James Dean or Richard Dreyfuss probably depends on whether you are a boy or a girl!

01/31/24 12:28 PM #3    

Debbie Hobbs (Siek)

I am so sorry to hear of Lane's passing. My memories of him were definitely more similar to Jayne's! He was definitely the bad boy but he was able to charm my mother too and she wasn't one to be easily charmed. His dad's car was a big, black Lincoln Town Car and one of my first rides in that car was speeding down "Suicide Hill" (Ranchview Rd), after him sneaking the car out of the garage while his dad napped in their den! So many crazy, dangerous antics! Lane would frequently rent a big U-Haul truck from Randy Pendley's dad's place. Then fill up the back with as many of us idiot teenagers that he could convince. Once loaded, he'd head to The vacant fields of Edward's Ranch and do donuts over the ditches and bumps. We'd all bounce around in the back like a bunch of bb's in a matchbox! Lane and I reconnected in the 1990's while I was living in Atlanta and he was living in Baltimore. He came down for a couple of weekends and I flew up there for a couple of weekends. It was great to connect as adult friends and see what each other had done with our lives. What fond memories at both McLean and Paschal. 

Rest in Peace, Lane.

Debbie Hobbs


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