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Jack Richmond

Jack Richmond

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07/19/10 08:09 PM #1    

Kathy Alexander

A life cut short by tragedy.  We will always remember.  Kathy

02/02/14 10:26 AM #2    

Carey Blackwell

Jack was one of my closest friends through Paschal. In retrospect,  he likely had some kind of periodic depression and also a bitterness -- his dad was killed in the Korean war before Jack was born and this ate on him a lot, never knowing his father while looking upon him as a hero. But this didn't take away from his sense of humor and fun, because he had that in spades, and we shared a lot of great times together. When he decided to go to College Station in January of our senior year to check out the school of architecture there (he later got his degree in architecture at A&M), I went with him and we made the decision before leaving to sacrifice our virginity at the infamous LaGrange Chicken Ranch, which had been in operation since 1844. We were very proud to have helped perpetuate business at that fine establishment, and this remained our secret through the rest of the school year.

 We lost touch after high school but re-established connection and our friendship at the 10 year Paschal reunion and hung out together before I traveled for a few months in Australia in 1980. It was there I got the shocking news that Jack had been run over while jogging and instantly killed. All these years later, it still seems unreal that Jack never made it past his 29th birthday. He was my close friend and I'm so grateful we re-connected before his early exit from this life. He was a complex character, but that didn't obscure his great heart and hair-trigger laugh. I love and miss you, Jack.

02/04/14 06:40 PM #3    

Virginia Hayes (Presnell)

Jack was a great friend.  We were office assistants together one year at McLean Jr. High.  Since there wasn't much to do, we enjoyed long talks daily.  I still remember some of our conversations about the loss of his dad, about his mom and his sister.  We talked about many things that you wouldn't figure junior high kids would be thinking about.  At the end of that year, he gave me a lovely enamel butterfly pin. It is still and forever in my jewelry box.  A reminder of my friend, Jack.

06/17/14 03:29 PM #4    

Chris Callaway

Jack was one of the first people I met when we moved to Fort Worth in 1954.  Jack came around a lot since his grandparents lived a few doors east of us.  HIs grandfather was his father figure and was a big part of Jacks life unitl he passed away when Jack was nine or so.  Jack was in our scout troop and was very active in that until he got interested in sports at McLean.  Jack always spoke and said hello when our paths crossed over the years. Jack's mother and grandmother were friends with my mom until they were all gone so I knew about his goings on thru that. 

I remember my dad calling when I was working a well in Western Oklahoma when Jack was killed.  I'm still frustrated that I could not get back in time for his service.  Most of Jack's friends from grade school on showed up, what a tribute.  I went to see his mom after I got back.  She was devasted and I can't say she ever recovered from having her heart broken one more time.  We kept in tough with her over the years through her grandkids since our girls went to school with them.  Jack's nephew Andrew was very active in scouts and accomplished a lot in that venue.  I had a lot of joy in passing down most of my scout stuff to Andrew as he advanced through scouts eventually becoming an Eagle Scout. Andrew still reminds me of Jack in many ways. 


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