50th Planning Committee

Photos contributed by Raschal Paschal

Our heartfelt thanks to Ned James and his 50th Reunion Planning Committee!
and to Tommy's Hamburger Grill & Patio for hosting our meetings!

50th Reunion Committee Chairs

50th Reunion Chairman:  Ned James
Catering:  John Laidlaw
Classmate Search:  Ron York
Decorations:  Kathy Alexander
DJ & Lightshow:  Steve Bond
Friday Night & Sunday Breakfast:  Nancy Ennen Schaefers
Graphics & Program:  Phyllis Wurtz Hurston
Memorials:  Steve Pruitt
Military Tribute:  Mark Sebastian
Name tags:  Sue Jacobson Bailey
Paschal Liaison - Tours & Raschal:  Mike Ryan
Photography:  Jim (Suzanne Wheeler) Gibbs & Fay Evans-Martin
Saturday Luncheon:  Debbie Winn Schroeder
Website:  Beverly Kostohryz Kellow

A letter from Ned James, our 50th Reunion Chairman:

Dear Greatest Paschal’69 Reunion Committee and Fellow Classmates,

It was three years ago that a group of us formed and began talking about how to celebrate our 50th reunion. We began to study potential venues, caterers, decorations, website, classmate contacts, etc., even though three years seemed like a long time away. 

Well, that long time has passed and now we are all filled with memories of rekindled friendships and fun times at Paschal. Our special guest, Raschal the Paschal Panther, reminded us that “The Class of ’69 Is Still Doing Fine.” Raschal has even gained a little weight, as evidenced by how Fletch and I felt after carrying him to and from the party! Some of us may be moving a little bit slower, but I definitely saw some moves on the dance floor that reminded me of our senior year… and some other “moves” that are showing our “senior years”.

To the Committee Members, I want to personally thank each and every one of you for giving your time, energy and creativity in the love of our alma mater. I also want to thank all of our Underwriters and classmates who attended the various activities that were provided. Without all of you, this reunion would not have been possible. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we recalled favorite moments: fun at pep rallies, football and basketball games, the clever delivery of our annuals, Sports Follies and all the pranks!

Hopefully we can organize something to celebrate “Turning 70” and let’s look forward to our 55th Reunion in 2024. In the meantime, let’s all stay in touch with each other.

Thank you once again for making our 50th reunion such a resounding success!

All the best to everyone,

Ned M. James
50th Reunion Chairman
Paschal - Class of 1969