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PHS'69 Classmates
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(updated list on  1/24/2019)

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  Last Name First Name Married
Spouse/Partner: PHS
Deborah Benefield (Lucas) Benefield Deborah Lucas      
Terri Bynum (Raptray) Bynum Terri Raptray      
Arlete de Souza Cardoso (Paro) Cardoso Arlete de Souza Paro      
Rick Cooper Cooper Rick        
Mario D. Douglas Douglas Mario D.        
Virginia L. Fields Fields Virginia L.        
Deborah Fox Fox Deborah   John D Richmond (D) Yes  
Nancy Gwynn (Young) Gwynn Nancy        
Lydia Hays Hays Lydia Jackson Kenneth R Jackson    
Becky Herrera Herrera Rebecca        
Gail Herrick (Poe) Herrick Gail Anne   Don Poe (D) Yes  
Patricia Hill Hill Patricia        
Pamela Hook (Smith) Hook Pamela Smith      
Patricia Hudson Hudson Patricia Burroughs Edgar Spurgeon Burroughs    
Robert Johnson Johnson Robert        
Jo Ann Kitchen Kitchen Jo Ann        
Barbara Lasater (Edmondson) Lasater Barbara Jo        
Thomas J. Mahoney Mahoney Thomas J.        
Carolyn Metcalf Metcalf Carolyn        
Judy L. Miller Miller Judy Lee   Donald R Holcomb    
Jill M. Padfield Padfield Jill Marie        
Tena Jo Raley Raley Tean Jo Buitt James S Buitt    
Patty D. Ryan (Wells) Ryan Patty D. Well      
Tommy Smith Smith Tommy Ray        
Merle Talley Talley Merle        
Tim Thompson Thompson Tim        

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