50th Reunion Survey

From 1969 to 2019

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1)   Are you ready to PARTY? Let us see a “show-of-hands” if you’re interested in coming together in 2019 for a 50th Reunion Weekend!

  You bet, I’d love to come! (Count me as 1)
  Yes, plus I’ll bring my spouse/date/significant other! (Consider that 2)
  I would love to come, but might not be able to attend.
  Put me down as a definite MAYBE!

If you only answer one question — this is very important for us to know as we look at venues!
2)   WHEN should we have it? (Select all dates that seem okay to you.)

  Late March
  March 22-24, 2019
  March 29-31, 2019
  April 5-7, 2019
  April 12-14, 2019
  April 19-21, 2019
  April 26-28, 2019
  May 3-5, 2019
  May 10-12 (Mother's Day wkend & tentative TCU Graduation)
  May 24-26 (a long wkend—May 27 is Memorial Day)
  May 31-June 2
  June 7-9, 2019
  June 14-16, 2019
  June 28-30, 2019
  July 5-7, 2019 (July 4th=Thursday)
  July 12-14, 2019
  July 19-21, 2019
  Other: (Use space below to suggest another date or to comment.)

FYI: We have asked this question In years past and received strong comments about:
Jan/Feb — unpredictable weather;
April — Easter
June — Graduations/weddings/vacations
July/August — Vacations/too HOT;
Sept/Oct/Nov — Hunting/Football conflicts!
Nov/Dec — Thanksgiving/Chanukah/Christmas/New Year
3)   Do you have another date or a comment about the dates suggested?

4)   WHERE should we have our Friday Get-together and Saturday 50th Reunion? (Select ALL venues that sound good.)

  Stonegate Mansion www.thestonegatemansion.com
  Ridglea Theatre www.theridglea.com
  The Cowgirl Museum www.cowgirl.net
  Ridglea Country Club www.ridgleacountryclub.com
  Whiskey Ranch www.frdistilling.com/whiskey-ranch
  Cendera Center www.sedona.productions/expertise/cendera-center/
  Shady Oaks Country Club www.shadyoaksclub.com
  MoPac Events Center www.mopacevents.com
  Petroleum Club www.fwpetroleumclub.com
  Fort Worth Club www.fortworthclub.com
  TCU Alumni Center www.froglinks.com/s/441/subgroup2.aspx?sid=441&gid=1&pgid=1182
  Other: (List another suggestion below)
5)   Do you have another venue to suggest? Do you have a connection to any?

Plus, use this space to comment on all venues. (Size, acoustics, location, parking, etc.)
6)   Would you be interested and/or willing to visit any of the proposed venues with others?

  Ridglea Theatre
  Ridglea Country Club
  The Cowgirl Museum
  Petroleum Club
  Whiskey Ranch
  Cendera Center
  Shady Oaks Country Club
  MoPac Events Center
  Fort Worth Club
  TCU Alumni Center

Ned, Beverly, Gary Dugger, and Sue went to Stonegate during PHS'66 set up. (Perhaps Ned & Bev would go again with anyone interested?)
7)   Do you have a suggestion for ENTERTAINMENT?

8)   Would you like to know when the PLANNING COMMITTEE starts to meet?

Yes No
We’ll be discussing & working on decorations, name tags, memorials, photography, as well as: tours, tennis, golf, Saturday lunch, Sunday breakfast, videos, fireworks, etc., etc.
9)   Share your ideas for our 50th Reunion Weekend below!

NOTE: You'll see all responses after you SUBMIT your survey. No names are included, so add your name or initials if you'd like us to know it was your comment/suggestion. (IN ADDITION: You can return to the Survey anytime to add or change comments!)

Thanks for taking time to participate!