Did you READ about...?

After reading many of our classmates’ PROFILES, Pam Steinert Ayres suggested we find a way to celebrate the “life-stories” of our fellow PHS’69 classmates — while we all still can!

Let’s begin by sharing the Profiles that you especially enjoyed reading.

Take time to update your own “Life-story” PROFILE
and include current (& old) photos!

Let us know at paschal69@me.com if you have additional thoughts or questions.

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1)   Whose PROFILE did you especially enjoy reading?

2)   Who do you think has a “story” to share?

Would you be interested in interviewing and/or writing about someone?
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Better yet...
Contact them yourself and ask them to JOIN!

Remind them that our www.paschal69.org website is SAFE, SECURE, FREE, NO SPAM, NO ADS!
(We own it and we control it — thanks to many generous PHS’69 classmates!)
4)   Any other thoughts or suggestions? You can also write us at: paschal69@me.com

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