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Jim Boggess
Jim Boggess


Jim Boggess


Jim Boggess


Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Childress, TX USA
Profession: Retired from US Postal Service 2007.
Military Service: Staff Sergeant US Army MP Corps  
Children: Nikki born 1985- Insurance, Animal Rescue, Photographer, Tennessee
LeAnn born 1988-US Army Reserve More…veteran, Jailer Childress Texas
Zachary born 1990-US Army Veteran Currently US Army Reserves attending college
email address:


Mailing Address:

PO Box 1161
4597 County Road 11
Clarendon, Texas 79226


Fort Worth, Texas

How I prefer to spend my time:

I enjoy the outdoors, hunting, fishing, riding my horses, boating, camping.
2016 just began raising goats. Currently have 5 does-4 are Saanen and Boer cross and 1 is Spanish and Boer cross, and 3 Bucks- 1 full Spanish, 1 full Kiko, 1 is 3/4 Spanish 1/4 Kiko cross.

Military Story:

Enlisted Jan 70 Basic Training at FtLewis Washington, Advanced Training at Ft Ord California, Orders for Viet Nam were rescended and was sent to Ft Wolters Tx. 1972 transferred to Korea, 1973 to Savanna Army Depot Illinois, Honorably Discharged June 1973. Reenlisted Jan 1974 sent to 101st Airborne Ft Campbell Kentucky Then to Nurnburg Germany March of 1975.Returned to States in 1978 received Honorable Discharge and began career as Police Officer in Texas.


Dakota James Boggess born Sept 26, 2014


Dotty-Border Collie, Buster border collie cross, Maggie blue healer, Sophie Great Pyrenees ( keeps coyotes away)

Best PHS Memory, Teacher, Activity or Event:

skipping 6th period English my senior year and still passing.

Which Elementary School(s) did you attend?

South Hills and Westcliff

Which Junior High School(s) did you attend?

Wedgewood Jr High

Did you go to Pre-school, Dance, Music, Art, Theatre, Sports or other activities?

Band in air Junior High, ROTC in High School

Did you go to Summer Camp?


Did you have a summer job or volunteer while at Paschal?

Worked at TxDOT District 2 Lab sumer of 67 and Pete Bell's Texaco Fall of 67 through Graduation.

What might we never guess about you?

I liked everyone I went to school with....no exceptions. I learned something positive from everyone.
Survived a donkey attack which resulted in 6 months off work to rehabilitate after coming close to losing left hand.
Survived heart attack and multiple bypass surgery.
Survived fire which resulted in 30 days in burn unit and 3 months rehabilitation.
Not only survived but thrived as a single parent.
I’ve lived a prepared life since discharge in 1978.

Habits you might still have?

laid back, comfortable with myself, still don't try to impress anyone but myself. Self isolated since 2014 and avoided town when colds or flu was making the rounds.

Favorite Books:

Any by Michael Creighton, Louis L'Amour, Tom Clancy

Favorite Movies:

Crossfire Trail/The Sacketts/Conagher/Quick and the Dead (with Sam Elliot not Sharon Stone)

Favorite Music:

George Strait, Shania Twain, Celtic Women, anything by Jim Reeves, Bee Gees, America, Blood Sweat and Tears, Classics Four

Favorite Ice Cream:

Chocolate Malt Swirl (Schwann's)

Favorite Destination(s):

I enjoyed my year in Korea, my 3 years in Nurnburg Germany, I would like to see China and the people of China. The people are industrious and hard inspire of their communist rulers, but I would like to move to Alaska

On my "Bucket List"...

Hunting and fishing in Alaska
Attend 55 or 60 year reunion.

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