Unable to attend...

Tell us how & where you are... and why we won't see you at our "PantherCARE" Party!

We hope this finds you well.  We realize there are weddings, births, graduations, and travel that might keep many from attending.  We know that some are battling illness and some are caring for loved ones -- and our thoughts and prayers are with you.  We pause to remember the classmates we have lost over the years.

As members of the Class of 1969 from Paschal High School, we have a special bond to one another.  

On June 4th weekend, we have an opportunity to come together and enjoy the memories, talk about what inspired us (or not!), learn about each other's journey, and know that we are forever bound by our adventure into adulthood that began with each ring of the bell -- in the halls of Paschal High School.

If not this year, we hope and pray that we will see you in 2019 for our 50th Reunion of the
Paschal High School - Class of 1969

Click the "Post Response" button and let us hear from you.
(NOTE: I am leaving the messages of classmates who missed our 45th Reunion)

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06/21/14 06:09 PM #60    


Bryan Fay

Hate to miss all the fun, but have a brother-in-law getting married in Seattle.  Definitely plan to make the 50th.

Best to all.


05/13/16 08:16 AM #61    


Suzanne Avirett (Davis)

Edward and I hate to miss being with you all this year but alas it just won't work out for us. Our house in Wimberley flooded last year in the "1000 year flood"....(it was a biggie) and we will be just moving back in it. after a year of remodeling. Too much going on this year but we will be at the next gathering. Best to you all and have a wonderful weekend. 
Suzanne (Avirett) and Edward Davis

05/14/16 10:33 AM #62    


Loma White (Fergueson)

Loma (White)Fergueson

So sorry I won't be able to make the reunion on the 4th of June. My husband's

50 reunion is that same weekend in Houston. Would love to see everyone maybe

next time. smiley

05/14/16 05:50 PM #63    


Cherie Strother (Cross)


I can't attend the party.  We're going on vacation.

Love to all, Cherie Cross aka Strother 



05/15/16 12:44 PM #64    


Chris Callaway

I'm not able to attend.  We are moving to a smaller single story house the week before the party.  I hate to miss the party.  We are not going to miss the stairs, the HOA yard gestapos, maintaining a pool, etc. 


05/15/16 02:07 PM #65    

Noel Ice

I plan on being there.

05/16/16 09:06 AM #66    


Cynthia "Dede" Samson (Seltzer)

Hi Everyone!

I wish that I could attend the big birthday party, but I am  recovering from knee surgery.

I am really looking forward to the next reunion! The last one was outstanding!

Have a great time! Dede Samson Seltzer

05/16/16 11:53 AM #67    


Debbie Brady (Freeman)

The June 4th weekend celebration sounds like a blast! Unfortunately I will not be able to attend. I hope everyone has a great time. Will make every effort to be at the "Big 50".

05/16/16 12:37 PM #68    


Cheryl Pinkerton (Prindle)

I am unable to attend.  Still in Philly.  Hope everyone has a good time.  I hope by next reunion I will back in Texas!

05/17/16 06:56 AM #69    


Cathy Munson (Ambrose)

Dub and I wont be able to join the hootenanny this time. Too many things like the Methodist Manor, Art Camp and oh, the grandchildren taking up our time. But ya'll PARTY HARDY and we will look forward to being with all you ole cronies in '19!  In the meantime, dont forget to stay rascal, Paschal! Luv ya!


05/17/16 07:14 PM #70    


Frank Ricks

Dear Panthers,

Will be unable to attend as my wife and I will be in Upstate New York vacationaing with our 2 sons.  Have not seen either of them in a year. The oldest is second in charge of a Solar Power Company and writes software for the power distribution. The youngest is a pilot for FedEx and has the cushy job of flying cargo into New York City central distribution from upstate  NY on M-Th nights and has every weekend off! Have a great reunion!

Frank Ricks

05/18/16 07:50 AM #71    


Suzanne Avirett (Davis)



Edward and I can't make this one. Our good excuse is that we are moving back into our part time place in Wimberley.  It flooded last May and it has been a long year of putting it back.  It will be so good to be back in and ready for the summer and our grandkids. Have a wonderful celebration and we will see you in 2019. Blessings to all of you.




05/18/16 08:49 AM #72    

Agatha Harper (Powell)

I will not be able to attend this time.  Have fun.

Agatha Harper Powell

05/18/16 01:13 PM #73    


Robert Grace

Guys, I regret I will not be able to attend the Saturday night reunion.  I have a previously planned family committment.  If the Friday night ""dutch treat" ever gels I should be able to make it.  I usually give grief to my classmates that do not attend, especially if they live nearby.  I think I'll live until the next reunion, so see you then!  Please celebrate without me!

05/19/16 10:51 AM #74    


Sandy Walker (Riney)

Thanks for the planning involved for this gathering and getting geared up for the 50th!

Sorry to miss this June event due to commitments the same weekend here on the High Plains of Texas but looking forward to celebrating in Fort Worth in 2019!

Sandy Walker Riney

05/19/16 09:39 PM #75    


Barbara McReynolds (Pattison)

I won't be able to attend the June 4th gathering. I wish I lived closer so I could make it, but I have been to the DFW area twice in the past couple of months and can't make it a third time. Enjoy!

05/23/16 10:21 AM #76    


Patti Lawrence (Crabtree)

Unfortunately, I'll be working while you are partying - however, all of you can come down the street and say hello - just 2 blocks south from the restaurant: 130 E Exchange Ave, Stockyards Visitor Center.

Cattle Drive is 4 pm. Be there!!

Patti Lawrence Crabtree


05/31/16 07:46 AM #77    


Chris Coolidge (Darst)



So sorry I will not be able to attend the PantherCARE party this weekend.  Prior commitment with kids - early Father's Day Celebration!  Really Looking forward to the 50th.  I know everyone will have a blast this weekend.   Thanks for all the hard work everyone puts in on these events.      




05/31/16 08:02 AM #78    


Toni Fackler (Knight)

I am in Washington, D.C. working on a special task force for FEMA and will not be able to attend the festivities.  You all have done a wonderful job putting this together and I can't wait for the 50th.  Turning 65 seems so weird to me but you have put a delightful spin on it.  I just watched the video and it was great. 

I couldn't help but notice the coozie and the tshirt.  Are these items we can buy?  If not, you might give it some thought. 

Have fun everyone and I'll see you in 3 years!!

05/31/16 08:31 AM #79    

Allen Crane (Walker)

 Happy birthday everyone! It is so much fun to see all of the pictures and all of your comments and updates.  And I really appreciate all of the work and effort that this committee has gone into to plan this party. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend, I'm spending the weekend with one of my three granddaughters.

I hope you all have a wonderful time, and I look forward to seeing everyone at the 50th. Safe travels and good health. Keep those posts and pictures coming!

Best regards.


06/01/16 09:51 AM #80    


John Shotwell

I regret that I will not be able to attend our turning 65 celebration. I would really like to see everyone and catch up. Thanks to those of you who put forth the time and effort to plan it. I hope every one has a great time.

06/01/16 09:26 PM #81    


Rita Carb (Fagan)

I am sorry that I'm unable to attend this weekend. Thanks to the planners; see you at our 50th!

Rita Carb Fagan

06/02/16 03:12 PM #82    


Ilene Glazer (Miller)

So sorry we will be unable to come to Ft Worth for the Panther's 65 birthday bash.
I will be thinking of all of you and do miss seeing y'all.   Such wonderful memories
of my fellow Panthers class of 69, still so very fine!!  Best wishes and huge hugs to 
everyone. Happy birthday 🎈all and I know y'all will have a great time with our class 
of ''69

May  we continue to celebrate for years and years and share good news!

(And thanks Sue who administers this great site)

06/02/16 05:12 PM #83    


Joyce Swilling (Kelly)

I'm sorry I won't be able to attend, due to recent ear surgery I'm still in the healing process. Happy Birthday to everyone. Have fun, see you all at the big 50.

06/03/16 09:25 AM #84    

David McMillan

Sorry to say I will not be attending your mid-day event.  Hoping eveyone has a great time.

David McMillan

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